This progress is possible in under six months.



According to New York Times, most people who lose weight on a diet gain it back, and a significant percentage gain back more what they had originally lost.

Lets say you body can burn 2500 calories daily. This is your TDEE which is the sum of your BMR and your activity level.

You decide you want to lose weight fast and go for a huge caloric deficit of 1200 calories and eat only

2500–1200= 1300 calories.

This is a reduction of 50% of caloric intake.

1200* 7= 8,400 calories. Since 2 lbs of fat has 7,500 calories you lose around 2.5–3 lbs maybe even more because some of the weight would also be water weight.

You are happy that the weight scale moved.

But what happens after a week?



You are unable to concentrate on work

You cannot find enough energy for your workouts.

Weight training with that amount of food is almost out of question. So you stick with steady-state cardio.

You are iron-willed and you continue to eat 1300 calories daily and are pretty consistent with your cardio for 1–1.5 hours daily.

You lose more weight, but you don’t feel good.

More hunger and carvings, and few other things start to happen:

-Muscle mass loss &

-Lack of energy


and most importantly your body goes into ‘alarm mode’ and shuts down its metabolism.

This is different for everyone, but following a severely deficit diet of more than 50% TDEE is a recipe for disaster and as New York Times suggested you ….

WILL GAIN THE WEIGHT BACK once you start to eat close to your TDEE and trust me when I say this you will eventually increase your food intake and most of the foods will be unhealthy.

You don’t crave broccoli do you?

Allow me to give you a more enjoyable and sustainable way to lose weight (and trust me this way is the fastest too…as the likelihood of your weight bouncing back is much less)

-Eat no more 30% less than your TDEE. So instead of cutting your calories to 1300 eat 1700 calories.

-This is good enough food and will keep your satiated and full

-Make sure to include at least 25% calories from protein and fat. These macronutrients are have a ‘feeling of fullness’ effect than carbs.

-Aim to eat complex carbs: Brown rice, oats etc. This will keep your insulin levels under control

-Do eat 10% of calories from your fav. foods. Its close to impossible to survive on clean food only.

-Make sure to include strength training in combination with cardio

-Choose HIIT over steady state if you have the ability and fitness levels

-Weight training and HIIT will give you EPOC — the afterburn effect which elevates your metabolism and helps you burn few hundred calories without you doing anything really…

-Include green tea, apple cider vinegar, spices, caffeine in your diet. This will give you an additional burn of 100–200 calories per day

Lastly, you need to work in phases.

Every 6 weeks, you need a change in total calories, some changes in your workout to ensure you keep on progressing.

My program is a 12 week program which helps you lose lot of fat in 3 different phases..

Everything is done for you. No guesswork, just follow what is given in there.

You can see here in detail:
Τell me about your thoughts.

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Fat Decimator System By Wes Virgin

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